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Oggi Ogburn's photographs of entertainment's finest.


The pictures in this website capture unforgettable moments of many years of American history in the making.

David Oggi Ogburn

A conversation with Oggi 27th February 2022 on youtube

March 2021 Enjoy this video of Oggi and his work by 'Made in DC'

November 2013: The History Makers website makes recognition of Oggi's work.

The The Washington Post had this to say about Oggi and his work.

Youtube video of Oggi's Museum Exhibition in Philadelphia:

Black music, with its origins in the struggles and suffering-in the souls-of -black people, is everyone's music. As all true art, it is dynamic. Today, its growth is toward more universality...more and more people love it and the lines separating it from other music are disappearing more rapidly than ever. Whitney Houston's R&B sound appeals to popular music audiences, as do Stevie Wonder and Bob Marley. Meanwhile, jazz, gospel, and R&B have unmistakably left their marks on rock, country and pop.

And let's not forget about rap. What Harlem and Watts children do, how they dance and what they wear is absorbed by young people all over the world. In fact, black music just might be the light from America's future, when races and cultures mix as easily as Lyle Lovett sings the blues.

Look at Oggi's photographs, feel their music and groove.

Oggi has begun an arrangement (March 2010) hrough which prints of his work can be purchased in the UK:

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