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Peter Gurney was the most prolific and informed writer on the care of Guinea Pigs (Cavies). His commitment to the promotion of cavy well being is legendary, and this shines through these pages in which Peter gives advice based upon his immense experience.

View our Ailments in Cavies index for Peter Gurney's advice on a wide range of guinea pig / cavy health topics.

Peter's love of cavies is demonstrated throughout these pages, and the following quote from the page on Fractures is very typical of Peter's aproach:

"If the vet puts on his or her solemn face and chants the familiar mantra, when presented with an injured small animal, 'Oh it would be kinder to put it down,' ask him or her if he would do the same in the case of a human being and seek a second opinion."

This website was set up at Peter's request, the photos were taken by Peter, and we are happy to continue to make it available to cavy lovers. Advertising revenue is going to charities such as The Cambridge Cavy Trust, which runs the guinea pig hospital at Wyton, near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, UK, a cause dear to Peter's heart.

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